About Me

Hi there :) I'm Michael Griffin, a Software Developer based in Killarney Ireland. I have been working as a software developer in the financial industry since graduating from the Institute of Technology in 2019. Prior to that I gained a lot of experience in both personal and client projects. In the ever shifting technology landscape I am constantly learning, I am particularly interested on improving on the core technologies I use, Java and JavaScript.

This website is where I keep an (kindof) up-to-date record of work I've complete, it includes personal projects, school projects and some work I have completed for clients. I have experience in a wide variety of technologies and frameworks, some of which are listed below. I also occassionally provide freeland web development services, if you are interested please contact me through the contact form that the bottom of this site.


I am proficient in the following:

  • Java, using Spring Boot and standard Java EE APIs like Jax RS
  • Javascript, both frontend using frameworks such Vue, React and jQuery and server side using Node and Express
  • C#
  • Python
  • Software such as Photoshop, Inkscape and Sublime Text
  • Version control (Git and Perforce)
  • SQL (Oracle and MySQL)
  • Build tools like Webpack and Grunt
  • CSS3, preprocessed with Sass or Styus
  • HTML5
  • PHP, I use the Laravel php framework for most projects
  • Opencart, including the development of Theme and extensions. I have also used the vQmod extensively to avoid overwriting core files
  • Regular expressions
  • Bolt Content Management System
  • Wordpress
  • Static Sites using Next and Gatsby


Here is a sample of the some of the work I have completed:

Theory Tester

I created Theory Tester with the goal of providing a reliable alternative to the official theory test CD and book. While the CD becomes redundant within a few years, Theory Tester is kept up to date with the latest edition of the official theory test questions. Theory Tester is responsive and optimized for touch screen devices. The quiz itself is a client side javascript application, which handles the logic and templating needed.

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Killarney Cardiac Response Unit

The Killarney Cardiac Response Unit is a voluntary organisation that provides cardiac first responders to the greater Killarney area. The site aims to provide information to members of the public and to the First Responders themselves. It was built using the Bolt Content management system which gave the site the flexibility it need to manage many different types of content. View ➥


Obelisk is a responsive Opencart theme, suitable for a store in the fashion industry. Many aspects of the design and functionality are easily controlled through the theme options panel that comes with the theme. It comes with a powerful slider builder that allows you to create beautiful animated slides with no knowledge of HTML and CSS. It is fully responsive and works equally well on all devices.

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Pogo Slider

Pogo Slider is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create animated image/content sliders. CSS animations are used to transition between slides. A CSS animation can be triggered on elements within a slide, after the slide transitions in, and as the slide transitions out.

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Pogo Slider Creator

Pogo slider creator is an opencart plugin for creating responsive slideshows and static content banners. It works in conjunction with the pogo slider jQuery plugin. It has an easy to use WYSIWYG interface that allows store owners to create sliders and banners without any technical knowledge. In addition to this the sliders and banners are automatically responsive and work on both mobile and desktop devices.

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Appalachia Bolt CMS Theme

Appalachia is a simple theme for the bolt content management system. Bolt is a relatively new content management system that makes it incredibly easy to create complex content managed sites. The theme is available through the Bolt Extensions directory.

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Responsive Web Design

In an age when when a more and more people have smartphones and tables, you cannot afford to alienate a sizable chunk of potential customers with web sites that do not work well across all devices.

CMS Websites

Content management systems give you a user friendly way to manage any type of content you can image from blog posts to image galleries. They are a must for anything more complicated than a simple static website

Ecommerce development

I have extensive experience working with Opencart and I have developed a number of plugins for the platform that I can bring to a project.

Web application development

When off the shelf solution won't do, I work with the Laravel php framework to quickly and efficiently create custom web application.

Theme Customization

Themes can be a great way to get a low cost website up and running quickly. I can customize and install themes for a number of platforms including Wordpress and Opencart.

Get In Touch

Have a project in mind or just want to say hello? I will try and get back in touch with within 24 hours.